or SOY NIGHTMARE? Remember the only foods that are enriched are the ones with very little nutritional value...

Does the title give it away?  So, it turns out that randomly one of my closest buddies, Queenie, sent me an email the same day I posted my first post, asking me about her whole food supplement which happened to contain fermented soy and was that ok?  Needless to say, I was excited because this is exactly why I began this blog, so here goes. 

Although I talk a LOT about nutrition and genetically congruent diets, I am not super passionate about bashing foods; I enjoy more moving toward a positive by explaining why we should eat the things that will allow us to express health (more or less a hunter gatherer diet).  However, there are times when a good bashing is in order, and for today Soy is in my sights.  I’ll be honest; soy was never a food that I was super knowledgeable about.   I have heard probably what you have heard; that soy is good for this and isoflavins are great for that, and soy has been around forever, and dairy is no good and soy is better, and soy protein is a healthy alternative to meat, and also more recently that soy has some hormones that aren’t good, and that soy is primarily genetically modified, and the major producer Monsanto is an evil corporation, and bla bla bla.

Well after some brushing up on the facts, I can sum up Soy one word: terrible.  For you hardcore vegetarians living off of it, breath and remember I have no stock in one way of life over another, my purpose is to acquire and pass on info that will make you and me healthier, NOT, worry about who is wrong or right.  However, if we define wrong as doing things that move you away from health, eating soy is wrong.  After my readings, the only way I have found it to be ok  is through fermentation (in the form of traditional soy sauce, miso, tofu (and not the packaged crap you can by at TJ’s or other super markets…etc)) and then it is still questionable…. Not bad, but more of a gray area. 

Soy MUST BE PROCESSED IN ORDER TO CONSUME. That is the #1 reason, I know we shouldn’t really be eating it; in fact, it is toxic to eat without processing it.  That means that our hunter gatherer (HG) ancestors would have never eaten it because they had no means to process any food other than cooking it a bit.  I learned that soy was primarily used as a nitrogen fixing plant and it was never eaten by any culture due to its toxicity until the fermentation process was figured out, which happens to naturally reduce much of its toxicity. 

In short, soy has tons of phytoestrogens (plant hormones) that are linked to cancers, premature maturation, learning disabilities, immune dysfunction, endocrine (hormone) system dysfunction, thyroid & digestive disorders…etc.  Soy has phytic acid which is linked to mineral deficiencies, which plays havoc on intelligence, reproduction, energy levels, bone formation.  Soy has haemagglutinin, which is a blood clotting factor, and trypsin inhibitors or ANTINUTRIENTS that cause gastric distress, reducing absorption of amino acids and other nutrients leading to numerous pathological conditions.  Lastly, soy protein is also to be avoided at all costs because the process of producing it causes it to contain nitrites (cancer promoters) aluminum absorption (linked to dementia) and trypsin inhibitors (mentioned before), along with other terrible stuff.

Not to mention the fact that it is a grain, it is a subsidized crop, and promoted mainly by soy companies and soy farmers, much to the health destruction of their customers. (watch Food Inc. or read In Defense of Food)

Need more info, check out this awesome article “Newest Research on Why You should avoid Soy” with dozens of research articles to back up what I’ve just written. 

Remember if it is from the earth, not processed and your ancestors could have found (or killed) it, it is good for you, if not, it is probably bad for you and you should throw it away and tell someone about it.  Health is simple; it’s just not always easy.  Try your best, you can do it!


Your Health Buddy!

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP CSCS