Wish I could make them for you Mom!!

Well, not these pancakes, come on, if you know me at all, you know that I would never condone your typical pancakes. Back in the day I used to eat me some mean pancakes, even held tri-annual breakfast parties at my different apartments back in college, so I could get together with buddies and eat pancakes, two of my favorite things. Alas, now I am a wellness doctor and health coach, who understands that the phytic acid and gliadin in traditional pancakes wreaks havoc on our digestive system and along with the refined processed grains cause huge insulin spikes speeding us toward old age, osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer and other lifestyle diseases.

That being said, one thing hasn’t changed since my flapjack flipping days of college, and that is my love for my Mother. I know there are many of you out there that will dispute this, but my mom really is the best mom on earth. She is understanding, empathetic, caring and selfless. She always seems to put everyone else in the family before her and has always made me feel special and loved every single day. She is the best period, and I still love her immensely. So for mother’s day this year I sent her a small bottle of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup (from a recent & awesome trip to Vermont) and a recipe for one of my favorite treats, Blueberry, Walnut & Almond-Flour Pancakes. Unfortunately I will not get to be with my mom this mother’s day, but through the magic of technology and the internet, we will have an awesome Skype session, which if well-timed, may have us eating blueberry flapjacks together.

Happy Mothers Day!

I love you Mom,

-Your Son Nicholas

PS Here’s the receipee:

Almond Flour Pancakes:

1.5 cups almond meal/flour

½ cup ground flaxseeds

2 eggs

1.5 cups almond milk

2 Tble sp olive oil

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp baking powder

Dash salt

Optional: ½ cup crushed walnuts, pecans or macs & ½ cup frozen blueberries.

Mix all ingredients together in big bowl and cook like regular pancakes.