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Any commuters out there?  Travelers?  Do you sit all day? This blog is for you!!

Remember whether sitting or driving, it is important to:

Keep your heart up!

Keep your abs tight!

Keep your lumbar (low back) curve (big sock or small pillow cann help with that)!

Get into good posture then set your mirrors/computer/workstation to your body, do NOT set your body posture to your bad workstation!

Take breaks.  This will take muscular endurance, so most of you will not be able to fix your posture in one day.  Set goals and build up strength, for example start by sitting or standing in good posture for 1min, 5 min, 10min, 1hr…etc then take a break and slouch, its ok.  This way you are in control of your body and won’t find yourself in bad posture and not know how long you’ve been there. 

Take charge and remember this is not just about feeling better (which will happen) but even more important, good posture protects and supports circulation, lung function, proper digestion and sexual function, healthy muscles, better brain function, decreased stress and better looks…and it’s free hows that for return on investment!!

Do it, do it NOW!

Your Health Buddy & Coach,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP CSCS




Of course it is not that simple nowadays, but if you think about it during the course of human history, it was only until recently that not all food was organic and very very local.  Picture that, all food local and organic! Just imagine fresh, ripe strawberries, apples and broccoli, all ready for the picking and grown by the hand of Mother Nature without any pesticides, herbicides or toxic petroleum-based fertilizers.  You’d think that having food a food supply completely separate from fossile fuels isn’t too much to ask, right?!

Keep the chemicles and white suits in the lab, not on my food.

How is this ok?!

Today we have a lot more to think about on top of cost when making food purchases.  If you are at all concerned with these things as I am, I don’t have to tell you that while it’s definitely the healthiest option, buying organic can be financially painful.  This is especially true if you are eating HGS (Hunter Gatherer Style) and sucking fruits and veggies down by the truckload.  So, this week my post is here to help with your decisions on when to buy organic.

First I want everyone to understand that LOCAL AND ORGANIC IS THE BEST for our health.  Local is the absolute best, and is crucial when available because plants’ infuse many of the nutrients into your foods during the last few days of vine ripening.  So, if it is picked weeks before ripening (in order to ship it 12,000 miles to get to you), it will not contain the same amounts of life-giving nutrients.  Ripening post picking would be better termed “rotting.”  If you happen to be one of the lucky (and I would guess less than 1% of us are) Americans who know the farmers that you buy from, ask them their farming methods, because often they actually are organic, but haven’t paid the government for the label.  When you have a relationship with the people who grow the food you eat, and that food is local, fresh and healthy, labels are not necessarily that important.  Plus, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to know exactly how and where your food came from.

Warm fuzzies ;-p

Outside of buying locally, you want to focus your efforts on buying organic produce especially if it is found in the DIRTY DOZEN.  This is a list that EWG (Environmental Working Group) www.ewg.org (an awesome organization) came up with after doing much research.  They found that some fruits and veggies when industrially grown are heavily dosed with any number of toxic chemicals in order to get them from ground to shopper using industrial farming methods, and those are the ones you want to avoid if not grown organically.  They also found that other types of produce grow just fine without pesticides, so they aren’t absolutely an organic necessity.  For an awesome wallet/purse sized cut out describing each the Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 click here.

Personally, I can never remember the difference, so I printed this picture out and it goes everywhere that I go, stashed in my wallet, because I never know when it will be time to gather. 

The best is again to by local, so below are two awesome websites that will help you in your health cause.  Best of luck.




Your Health Buddy

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP

Buuuuuuuuuddddddiiiiiiieeees! (that's buddies for long)

So, I finally did it, I started my very own blog and since you are here you know it is called Your Health Buddy.  If you know me, I know what you are thinking, “that is a perfect title for your blog.” And, after much deliberation, I agree with you, it is perfect.  Friendship (buddyship, buddydom) is at the core of my being, and has been ever since the end of high school and beginning of college where I found myself roaming the halls of my dorm, doing whatever I could to stay out of my room due to some irronically less than friendly roommates.  So, I found myself in the rooms of pretty much every other freshman in the hall (shout out to Santa Cruz dorms, UCSB fall 99’).  Most of my dorm-mates were awesome and I quickly became friends with many of them.  That was when the term “buddy” entered my (& Dan Buddy’s (& countless subsequent buddies since then, although many of you have tried, and will try to fight it ;)) vocabulary where it took hold and has been pretty much a staple ever since.  It’s just so gosh darned versatile….buuuddy, budy, buuuuuuddddy.  You know, yooouuu know.

Fast forward about 11 years, I have finished undergraduate and graduate school and now work in one of the largest chiropractic & wellness practices in the world with some of the best doctors & most passionate educators I have ever met.  I have earned a doctorate degree in chiropractic as well as a few certifications in the strength, health & wellness sciences that gives me a HUGE amount of life-saving knowledge that has changed my life as well as the lives of many of my family, friends & patients’ for the better, almost certainly improving the quality and quantity of their lives and their family/future families lives.  Now, I know I am only 25% done with this crazy thing called life, but I can tell you that the information I have come across and keep coming across has allowed me to see no decline in health whatsoever; in fact, I can honestly say that every single year I am healthier, stronger, smarter, better looking, more positive and even happier to be alive, and I see no end of that upward swing any time soon if ever.  (There may be an eventual decrease in strength, but not in health, intelligence, positivity, or usefulness.)  Did I mention really really ridiculously good looking too? ;-p

Simply put, I love teaching.  I love helping people get healthier, I love spreading information about health, wellness & any life improving information that I have come across, which is why the Blog of Franson Chiropractic has been such a blessing.  During the past almost year and a half at the practice and on the blog, I have had a wide open forum and more importantly the encouragement & guidance to begin to disseminate the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION that I have gathered throughout the past 9 years of school, thirty something educational seminars all over the country & world, and thousands upon thousands of hours reading health, wellness & self improvement information.

So this brings me to my own blog, with the awesome (stop it, I’m blushing) name “Your Health Buddy.”  (Shout out to my brother (aka “bruddy”) for its creation, yeah Bro & my GF for her support & inspiration with her own awesome blog, I love you both!!)  You see, most of my buddies ask me health questions from time to time, and so I am going to use this forum to answer their and your (new buddies) inquiries as well as post about any awesome life-saving, life improving information that I come across or have come across.  I’ve always had a personal motto of making the world my buddy because I love the world, and I love my buddies, and I love making buddies become buddies, and more importantly I want them (YOU) to live long, fruitful, healthy and happy lives because they (YOU) deserve it!



Your Health Buddy,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP CSCS