Where are YOU spending your Time, Energy, Focus & Money?

What is your most valuable asset? 

YOUR HEALTH!  It is impossible to truely enjoy all of the wonderful things this life has to offer with out health.  Think about it, what does all the money in the world do for you if you get sick, can’t travel, can’t walk or worse can’t remember who you are.  Can you enjoy your family, your work, your hobbies without your health? NO! 

Anthing of value is worth protecting and promoting.  It isn’t good enough to have health insurance because that is only valuable in emergency situations once your health has already deteriorated.  How long would your car last if you relied only on your auto insurance for the health of your car and never serviced your car? 

Anything you wish to have more of or get better at requires coaching.  Think about it, there are coaches for everything of importance; relationships = counsilors, money = finacial advisors, sports = athletic coaches, faith = spiritual guides…and the list goes on!  So, if our health really is that important, why doesn’t everyone have a health coach?  We’ll I believe it is because our amazing body adapts to most any stressful thing we force it to (for a while), and because our cultural beliefs dictate that you shouldn’t go to the doctor unless you are sick.  That result is a nation of coachless sick people judging their health by how they FEEL.  How Dangerous!, How Inaccurate! 

This is where that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality has gotten us:  The World Health Organization ranked the health of the United States at 37th out of 40 of the world’s develped nations. That being said, you should also know that the US spends more $$$$$$$$ than any other country in the world on health care (really sick care), and takes over 50% of the world’s pharmeceuticals!!  (WE ONLY ACCOUNT FOR 4% OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION!!)  SAY WOW! 

Obviously our waiting until we “feel” sick mentality is not working.  Is it easier to accumulate wealth when you are broke or while you still have some working capital?  There is a HUGE difference between Health Promotion, Health Prevention and the Treatment of Symptioms.  Just like there is a HUGE difference between the Promotion of Wealth, the Prevention of Poverty & the Treatment of Poverty.

Promote, Prevent or Treat? Where do you spend your resources.

This concept is so important I used the same image here from the American Journal of Medicine TWICE.  This graphic says that although 70% of all deaths come from behaviors = lifestyle choices (how you eat, move and think), we still spend close to 98% on treating the symptoms of those poor or misguided lifestyle choices rather than addressing the cause!!!!!!!! 

This is why people need Health Coaches!  A Health Coach is someone who will not only teach you how to be healthier, but also teach you the why behind your lifestyle choices and help hold you accountable.  A coach is someone who keeps you on track, inspires you, pushes you and cares about YOU!  Our modern world is a TOUGH world to navigate let alone get or stay healthy in, which is why EVERYONE NEEDS A HEALTH COACH. 

Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioners are perfectly positioned for this role because we have spent thousands and thousands of hours learning how to teach and inspire HEALTH,  which is TRUE HEALTH CARE!  Our job is not to mearly treat symptoms (SICK CARE) but to educate, inspire and demonstrate what health is and help you and your family journey towards it.

Now go get coached 4 life,

Your Health Coach and Buddy,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP