Any commuters out there?  Travelers?  Do you sit all day? This blog is for you!!

Remember whether sitting or driving, it is important to:

Keep your heart up!

Keep your abs tight!

Keep your lumbar (low back) curve (big sock or small pillow cann help with that)!

Get into good posture then set your mirrors/computer/workstation to your body, do NOT set your body posture to your bad workstation!

Take breaks.  This will take muscular endurance, so most of you will not be able to fix your posture in one day.  Set goals and build up strength, for example start by sitting or standing in good posture for 1min, 5 min, 10min, 1hr…etc then take a break and slouch, its ok.  This way you are in control of your body and won’t find yourself in bad posture and not know how long you’ve been there. 

Take charge and remember this is not just about feeling better (which will happen) but even more important, good posture protects and supports circulation, lung function, proper digestion and sexual function, healthy muscles, better brain function, decreased stress and better looks…and it’s free hows that for return on investment!!

Do it, do it NOW!

Your Health Buddy & Coach,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP CSCS