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Any commuters out there?  Travelers?  Do you sit all day? This blog is for you!!

Remember whether sitting or driving, it is important to:

Keep your heart up!

Keep your abs tight!

Keep your lumbar (low back) curve (big sock or small pillow cann help with that)!

Get into good posture then set your mirrors/computer/workstation to your body, do NOT set your body posture to your bad workstation!

Take breaks.  This will take muscular endurance, so most of you will not be able to fix your posture in one day.  Set goals and build up strength, for example start by sitting or standing in good posture for 1min, 5 min, 10min, 1hr…etc then take a break and slouch, its ok.  This way you are in control of your body and won’t find yourself in bad posture and not know how long you’ve been there. 

Take charge and remember this is not just about feeling better (which will happen) but even more important, good posture protects and supports circulation, lung function, proper digestion and sexual function, healthy muscles, better brain function, decreased stress and better looks…and it’s free hows that for return on investment!!

Do it, do it NOW!

Your Health Buddy & Coach,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP CSCS

One of Jack's many 60 year old plus adventures: the ol' hand cuffed tow-boats swim...any takers?

When was the first time you heard the name Jack LaLanne?  I can’t recall because like many American’s I was too young to remember.  I do however remember being impressed. I’m not sure I even knew what the definition of that word meant, but the feeling was there.  The year before I was born, Jack LaLane towed 10 boats carying 77 people, for over one mile, in less than one hour.  He was 66 years old. 

His entire life was just that, impressive.  In a time when no one thought about what to eat, nutrients, calories, processed food, or working abs, butts, glutes or any exercise other than what life demanded of them, Jack was telling it like it was.  He was concerned.  He saw the trends moving toward inactivity and more and more unhealthy food.  He saw those trends clearly because as a child he was part of those trends. Jack has written of his childhood including addiction to sweets and junk food along with a poor physique and behavioral problems.  Jack is quoted saying “I was a miserable goddamned kid, it was hell!”

But Jack changed.  At age 15 after attending a lecture on nutrition, he reformed his diet eliminating sugar, began working out and began studying the human body.  After high school he attended and graduated from chiropractic college, and in 1936 at age 22 he opened his own (not to mention the first) fitness club in America.  In 1955 he won Mr. America, and by 1959 he was on national television taking Americans through all sorts of movements, exercises and callisthenics, while teaching them what health was and how to journey towards it.

50 years ago...Jack was explaining how you eat, move and think over time = your health. Pioneer!

This approach at this early time rightfully earned  Jack the title of Godfather of Fitness.  Unlike many early strongmen, Jack was concerned with health, not just strength and physique.  You can see from the picture on the left, Jack is showing the difference good nutrition, exercise and positive thoughts can have over a lifetime in reguards to health. 

He was telling people to exercise for health back when the medical community was endorsing cigarettes. “People thought I was a charlatan and a nut,” Jack says, “The doctors were against me –

This puts Jack's accomplishements in perspective for sure...

they said that working out with weights would give people heart attacks and they would lose their sex drive. Women would look like men and even varsity coaches predicted that their athletes would get muscle bound and banned them from lifting weights.” 

Jack proved them all wrong and became an authority on health, fighting the good fight as a health advocate for over 80 years.  His television show aired for over 30 years making it the longest running of its kind in history.   Throughout most of our lives, Jack played the seemingly never ending role as America’s inspiration for good health at any age.

Jack passed on Sunday at his home in Morro Bay, CA at the age of 96.  He was an inspiration to millions and one of my heros.

Rest in Peace Jack, You’ve earned it.

With Love,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP

Jack at 91 "It's better to wear out than rust out"

Jack’s Feats:

  • 1954 Age 40: Swam the length of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge underwater with 140 pounds of equipment, including two air tanks… an undisputed world record.
  • 1955 Age 41: Swam, handcuffed, from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf in
    San Francisco, CA.
  • 1956 Age 42: Set a world record of 1,033 pushups in 23 minutes on “You Asked for It, a TV Show with Art Baker.
  • 1957 Age 43: Swam the treacherous Golden Gate Channel, towing a 2,500-pound cabin cruiser. This involved fighting the cold, swift ocean currents that made the 1 mile swim a 6 ½ mile test of strength and endurance.
  • 1958 Age 44: Maneuvered a paddleboard 30 miles, 9-½ hours non-stop from Farallon Islands to the San Francisco shore.
  • 1959 Age 45: Completed 1,000 pushups and 1,000 chin-ups in 1 hours and 22
    minutes. “Happy” is born and The Jack LaLanne Show goes nationwide
  • 1974 Age 60: Swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman’s Wharf, for a second time handcuffed, shackled and towing a 1,000-pound boat.
  • 1975 Age 61: Swam the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, underwater, for a second time handcuffed, shackled and towing a 1,000-pound boat.
  • 1976 Age 62: Commemorating the “Spirit of ‘76”, swam 1 mile in Long Beach Harbor, handcuffed, shackled and towing 13 boats (representing the 13 original colonies) containing 76 people.
  • 1979 Age 65: Towed 65 boats filled with 6,500-pounds of Lousiana Pacific wood pulp while handcuffed and shackled in Lake Ashinoko, near Tokyo, Japan.
  • 1980 Age 66: Towed 10 boats in North Miami, Florida filled with 77 people for over a mile in less than 1 hour.
  • 1984 Age 70: Handcuffed, shackled and fighting strong winds and currents, towed 70 boats with 70 people from the Queen’s Way Bridge in the Long Beach Harbor to the Queen Mary, 1 ½ miles.

Jack Firsts:

  • Opened the first modern health spa
  • The first to have a nationally syndicated exercise show on television
  • The first to have athletes working out with weights
  • The first to have women working out with weights
  • The first to have the elderly working out with weights
  • The first to have a combination Health Food Bar and Gym
  • The first to have a weight loss Instant Breakfast meal replacement drink
  • The first to have a Coed health club
  • The first to combine weight training with nutrition
  • The first to have an edible snack nutrition bar
  • The first to sell vitamins and exercise equipment on television
  • The first to teach scientific body building by changing the program every 2 to 3 weeks
  • The first to encourage the physically challenged to exercise… to work around their disabilities
  • The first to do feats of strength and endurance to emphasize what exercise and nutrition can do for you
  • Developed the first:
    • Leg Extension Machine
    • Weight selector machine
    • Cable/Pulley machines
    • Calf machines
    • Wrist roll machines


  • Anything in life is possible if you make it happen.
  • Anything in life is possible and you can make it happen.
  • Your waistline is your lifeline.
  • Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.
  • Don’t exceed the feed limit.
  • The food you eat today is walking and talking tomorrow.
  • Ten seconds on the lips and a lifetime on the hips.
  • Better to wear out than rust out
  • Do – don’t stew.
  • People don’t die of old age, they die of inactivity.
  • First we inspire them, then we perspire them.
  • You eat everyday, you sleep everyday, and your body was made to exercise everyday.
  • Work at living and you don’t have to die tomorrow.
  • I can’t die, it would ruin my image.
  • If man makes it, don’t eat it.
  • If it tastes good, spit it out.
  • What’s it doing for me?
  • Your health account is like your bank account: The more you put in, the more you can take out.
  • If one apple is good, you wouldn’t eat 100.
  • It’s not what you do some of the time that counts, it’s what you do all of the time that counts.
  • Make haste slowly.
  • Eat right and you can’t go wrong.

For more on this amazing individual please see his website @ http://www.jacklalanne.com/


THESE ARE THE TOP 10 NUTRITION RULES FOR CREATING A HEALTHIER VERSION OF YOURSELF IN THE NEW YEAR (remember there are side effects associated with health that are much different than the side affects associated with sickness, but side effects nonetheless.  For example, healthier people are more energetic, more muscular, less fat, happier, and generally more pleasant, positive and useful.)

This is for long term change, the only type of change that matters, what’s the point of losing 10 pounds this week if in a year its back and then some…long term healthy relationships is our focus.

Lets get started:

TOP 10 NUTRITION ACTION STEPS to make it simple getting started or refocused.

  1. Add, don’t take away. People often associate change with terrible loss, and that doesn’t have to be the case.  First things first –  let’s focus on being sufficient in getting enough pure foods, and not focus on what bad stuff is in your diet.  You can’t get to a positive by running from a negative…you must run toward a positive (for example, you won’t ever be rich by trying not to be poor)!  Create the life you deserve!
  2. Fruits and veggies first: Eat a fruit or a veggie before every meal.  This ensures that you will get the nutrients your innate genetics need to produce health and homeostasis in your body!  Plus, it will take up some of the room in your stomach, so hopefully you won’t be able to fit as much of the bad stuff in.
  3. Always shop on a full stomach: The battle is won or lost at the point of purchase.  It is much easier to make logical decisions about what to purchase at the grocery store when we are not hungry.  We all know that if a food makes its way into the basket, it is going to be eaten.
  4. Stay on the periphery of the store: That is where the live and healthy foods reside.
  5. Real food goes bad; if it doesn’t go bad, it isn’t good for you:
    1. The more nutrients and health in a food, the more organisms want it.  If bacteria doesn’t want your food, chances are, it isn’t food, and you should toss it.
    2. Store food has been created to be stored, not to give you health, so try and avoid foods with labels or packaging.
  6. Understand the ingredients: Real food has real, natural ingredients like blueberries and almonds.  Fake food has “natural flavorings” to trick our tongues, and chemicals to preserve them.  Usually these ingredients read something like “monosodiumdiaoxylglutamicfuranicmethylwhattheheck???”   By the way – what the heck is a “natural flavoring??”  Last time I checked, “natural” isn’t a flavor.
  7. Keep the ingredients list to 5 or fewer: The more ingredients, the more man/woman has messed with the food, and therefore, the less likely it is a real food.
  8. If it has a health claim, it probably is NOT healthy: Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food, explains that the loudest foods in the store (cereal boxes, dairy and juices) are often the most toxic, and the quietest foods in the store (fruits and veggies) are often the healthiest.
  9. Evaluate food choices by thinking about how you will feel post-consumption: It is absurd when you think about the 23 hours 57 minutes of pain, suffering and guilt you get when eating a donut/Big Mac/pizza, etc. for the 3 min of joy you get while eating it.  Think about what you would want to eat post-workout (for example, after you’ve just finished a really great workout, would you rather have a Big Mac or a smoothie?).
  10. There are NO failures – only feedback! Do not waste time or stress hormones on feeling guilty – look at what you eat in terms of choices, with a goal of becoming healthier.  This is not a diet (destination), it is a way of life (journey).


Create Health,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC

Yeah I'm talking to YOU!

You may be thinking “I’m too busy with holiday prep, can’t we talk about this later maybe after Christmas or in January, yeah, in January I’ll be ready for this?”

NO.   The reason you don’t have time is the reason you need to make time!! NOW is the time you need to start preparing your immune system for battle!  Practice and preparation are not for game day – game day is about executing already mastered skills, so we need to get to work.

Your immune system is your body’s Alarm System, SWAT team, and Clean Up Crew all rolled up into one, and it needs time and training to get to optimal performance.  If you are living the life of a typical American, your immune system is like a  county sheriff in a ghost town, which is why you get sick often – especially around the holidays.

It’s time to get your defense up to LAPD SWAT Standards!!

Before HOW comes the WHY.

It is so important to have a healthy, strong immune system (and just because don’t feel sick doesn’t mean your immune system is healthy!!) because that is the system that protects you from cancers (there are cancers in your body all the time; a healthy immune system neutralizes them, day in and day out for life), auto-immune diseases, pneumonia, the flu, bacteria, viruses, colds, infections, bad food, etc.  IT KEEPS YOU ALIVE, so lets give it a chance, eh?!!

Now here’s how to get the boys in blue to top form:

DECREASE YOUR STRESS – case closed, that is all you need to do, because stress crushes your Immune System!  Imagine that was your white blood cell (WBC) in the video above and your stressed out ways made it weak and lazy and confused, so he just let that little pathogen go by.  That little sucker may replicate every 20 min so within 12 hours 68,719,476,736 of his decedents may be inhabiting your body.  This is battle, and you need to be prepared!

Let’s talk about exactly how to Destress and keep your WBC’s ready for anything!

1.  Get Adjusted – Spinal subluxations (dysfunctional joints) cause stress.

2. Exercise – Deficiency in movement causes stress (minimum of 6 days a week (anything better than nothing), to the point of moving, sweating, and panting, which can be done in just 4 minutes).

3. Eat your veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, and healthy meats. Diets deficient in healthy-from-the-earth foods, or toxic with processed, packaged foods cause stress.

4.  Master your mental stress. I know, I know, easier said than done…but here’s how to start:  Breathing exercises, morning rituals, daily affirmations, and surrounding yourself with positive people boosts your immune system.

5.  Get some SUNSHINE. When sun hits your skin, it is able to create Vitamin D, which is a potent stimulator of your immune system (if you live in New England during the winter, TAKE VITAMIN D 1,000-5,000 IU’s).

6.  Take Your Basic 4 Supplements.  Americans are typically deficient in Omega 3 (fish oil), Probiotics (healthy bacteria), Vitamin D (see above), and an organic, whole food based multivitamin.  Deficiency = Stress, so take ’em!  For more info, click on this link.

Guide to Mediocrity & Chronic Disease 

Wait, wait – what??  How can the pyramid we’ve all grown up with and trusted our own and our children’s nutrition with be leading us astray – away from health and toward disease?

It’s simple: OPTIMAL, 100% HEALTH WAS NEVER THE PYRAMID’S GOAL.  Let me break it down for you:

Below is a simple scale of health with the top being Wellness or 100% Health and the bottom being Death or 0% Health.

100% Health = OPTIMAL HEALTH = Wellness





50% Health = Symptom Free = Not Well!

40% ———————————————

30% Health = Express Symptoms = Sick



0% Health = Dead

Got it?  Good, but what does this have to do with the Pyramid?

EVERYTHING.  You see, the Pyramid was designed for one thing: to keep us from experiencing symptoms in the short term.   It wasn’t designed to keep us functioning optimally and experiencing 100% health!  You see the Red Line?  That = 40% Health.  Let’s say that this is the percentage of health where we as humans start exhibiting symptoms.  Well, the government’s cute little pyramid was designed to keep us above that line, but  as you can see from the above scale of health, simply being above that line does not mean that we are even close to optimal health!

Let’s go deeper – these guidelines are based on RDA’s (Recommended Daily Allowances) of specific nutrients.  It’s a pretty bold assumption for us to believe we have figured out EVERYTHING (vitamin, mineral, phytochemical and the next other nutrient that we haven’t figured out yet) that a whole food produced by Mother Nature contains – there’s just no way we can make that claim.   Then the RDA’s are levels of only the specific nutrients that have been determined to keep 95%+ of the population symptom-free.

Here’s the catch: this was never established with a gold standard for health in mind.  As I said before, the goal of the pyramid is to keep us from getting symptoms, not to make us truly well people.

Questions for you:

If you wanted to be the best golfer in the world, who would you study?

If you wanted to be the richest person in the world, who would you make your role model?


If you want to be a healthy person in this world, wouldn’t you want to study/model yourself after a group of people who are the healthiest ever to have lived?

Is your answer “yes?”  Then tell me now:  who are the healthiest people ever to have walked this planet?  “Who?” you say?

I’m  glad you asked:


Humans living in tribes that eat solely what they hunt and gather, move like wild human animals, and work together in positive, loving, encouraging and compassionate environments live long lives free of any chronic (lifestyle) diseases.  That’s right, they have no diabetes, no Crohn’s, no cancer, no high blood pressure, no high cholesterol, no strokes, no heart disease, no Irritable Bowel Syndrome, no heart attacks, or any of the other host of diseases responsible for killing 75% of Americans!

Let’s look at the nutrient densities of what typical HG’s eat compared to the average American:

Eaton, Eaton & Konner.  Plaeolithic nutrtion revisited: a twelve year retrospective on its nature and implications.  Eur J. of Clin Nutr. 1997: 51;207-216.

Estimated daily Paleolithic intake of selected nutrients compared to RDA and Current U.S. Intake:

Vit/Min (mg/d)     Paleo Intake      RDA            Current US

Vit A                                   17.2                      4.8-6              7.02-8.48

Vit E                                    32.8                   8-10                  7-10

Vit C                                    604                    60                      77-109

Iron                                    87.4                   10-15               10-11

Zinc                                    43.4                   12-15               10-15

Calcium                            1956                800-1200         750

Sodium                             768                  500-2400         4000

Potassium                      10,500              3500                 2500

Fiber g/d                          104                    20-30              10-20

Energy (k/cal/d)         3000               2200-2900    1750-2500

Pretty sizeable difference, wouldn’t you say?!

Shockingly, two of the Food Groups (Dairy and Grains) on the 5-Group Pyramid were rarely consumed (if at all) by our HG ancestors.  The fact that Dairy and Grains play so prominent a role in the Pyramid is the result of much political lobbying, not scientific research.

I know it is difficult to live as a HG in our current social model; however, when we have them as a gold standard for 100% Health and Wellness, at least now we can start mimicking as much of their lifestyle as possible.


1.  Eating natural foods from Mother Nature (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and healthy meats) and not that processed stuff that our government subsidizes, making a Pop Tart cheaper than a head of broccoli and encouraging our citizens to become sicker and sicker.

2.  Moving, sweating and panting on a regular basis (Functional Fitness), and not just walking the recommended 30 min a day.  Our HG ancestors burned the equivalent energy of walking ~9 miles each day.  If that’s optimal, 30 min is better than nothing, but we’re delusional if we think that is all we need.

3. Positive, loving, caring environments with lots of encouragement, recognition and positive self talk (affirmations and goal setting don’t hurt either).

Back to the Food Pyramid – here is the best Food Guide Symbol Design I have found in my research.  Print it out and put on the fridge, the cupboard, the pantry, and anywhere else you need help making choices that will lead you toward optimal health.

Best I've found if you like shapes to guide your food choices ;-p Best guide I’ve found if you like shapes to guide your lifestyle choices!

Most of all, please remember wellness is a journey, not a destination –  just do a little better tomorrow than you did today.  Guilt has no place in this wellness lifestyle; there are no failures – only feedback.  Each food choice is a new way to bathe your cells in life-giving nutrients. “Progression, not perfection” is what Dr. Franson always says.  Wellness eating is more expensive than consuming processed food, but not as expensive as chemotherapy – and it feels waaaay better!  So, keep at it, stay positive, and ask for help if you need it, because your wife, husband, kids, grandkids, friends, work, and society need you.  And there is NO other way to get healthy.

You can do it

It is worth it


Fight 4 Health,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP

There's just sooooo many to chose from????

What supplements should you take? It can be darned confusing, and there are no shortage of opinions, advertisements and hype about supplementation. So, I’m here to shed a little light from the perspective of a Wellness doctor on this common question that we in the office get all the time… here goes.

Keep in mind – We wellness doctors understand that the best leadership is by example, so we try our absolute best to “walk the walk,” if you will, and so I will let you know exactly what I do and take when it comes to supplements. When it comes to being healthy and living the wellness lifestyle, what is good for one is good for all. We are all human, with same genetic requirements for nutrients to be healthy, and as long as we are sufficient in those nutrients and not toxic in others, we will express our natural right to be healthy. I do NOT take the following supplements to treat anything, I take them because based on what I have read, all human beings living in the western/modernized world are deficient in these nutrients, and I, fitting into this category, wish to be sufficient in all areas of my nutritional life… I take the following every single day,and these are my serving sizes:

Fish Oil (Innate Choice) – rougly 3.5 grams (3500 mg). The serving size on the bottle is 1 teaspoon and equals roughly 1,700 mg of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, but I’m a reasonably big guy, weighing 200lbs, and I’m very active, so based on what I’ve read, that puts my requirements for omega 3 fatty acids in the 3-6 gram category. So, after the fish oil, I get the other 1-3 grams a day of Omega 3 via grass-fed meats, fish or in the vegan-friendly form, which is ground flax seeds (another great brand of fish oil is Nordic Naturals, same guidelines on dosage).

A 120 lb. female should shoot for between 1.5-3 grams of Omega 3, with at least 1.5 grams of it from fish oil.

Children should be taking roughly 1/2 teaspoon for every 40 lbs. of body weight (800mg Omega 3/40 lbs.).

Probiotics (Innate Choice) – 2 capsules (15 billion organisms/capsule): one in the morning and one in the evening, taken with food (fruits, veggies) because that is the way we would have ingested them in our hunter-gatherer past. These are designed to supply healthy bacteria to your digestive system. It is important that your source of probiotics is chilled and contains certain strains of bacteria.

Children 2 and up 1 capsule / day.  Under 2 years old the infant should be breast feeding and mom should supplement.

Vitamin D – 5,000 IU’s (international units): This one is trickey because I recommend sunshine 1st.  2nd is supplementation and only in the winter if you live above (or below) the 35th paralell.  I started supplementing this last winter because I now live in the 41st paralell and because the information out there on how vital D is, was just too much to ignore. When I was living in Southern California or now during the summer here in New England, I rely on my skin to produce my vitamin D via sunlight. The winters in New England make it impossible to get enough D, so as soon as October hits, it will be back to 6 months of Vitamin D supplementation. I believe the RDA is 400 IU’s, which I just do not think to be adequate at all. Your skin can produce 10,000-20,000 IU’s of vitamin D in 10-45 minutes in the sun, and toxicity (impossible via sunshine on your skin) doesn’t begin to show signs until supplementing with 30,000+ IU’s daily for an extended period of time (weeks and weeks).

120 lb. females and teens should be supplementing with 3-4000 IU’s.

Children 1 year old and up should be supplementing with 2,000 IU’s, and infants (less than 1 year) should be taking 400-800 IU’s. Keep in mind the more sun you get, the less D you have to take. And the natural way is always the best! To find out exactly WHY I take vitamin D, see my blog posts dated July 9 & 16, 2009.

Multivitamin – (Standard Process Catalyn, although I will probably switch to Innate Choice soon) – 1 serving: I eat very clean and congruent, and so I am still only taking it sporadically. When trying to find a good multi, focus on whole food-based, meaning that it IS NOT SYNTHETIC!

I feel that if you are eating a truly sufficient and pure diet that this is the least necessary on the list. You should be able to get everything you need from your foods. However, this is very difficult to do in today’s world, so I feel that a whole food-based supplement could only help address any deficiencies that I may have missed. Basically I may be wasting money, but money is not as important to me as health, and a multi will only help my health, not hurt it. The absolute best way to supplement vitamins into your diet is to blend real fruits and veggies, then drink or add them to a smoothie (that is essentially what a multivitamin’s purpose is), but it is just a lot of work to do that every day, so now I sporadically juice and/or take the multi. Hope that helps.

Supplement 4 Health!

Your Health Coach & Buddy,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP

You Need a Health Coach!!

Where are YOU spending your Time, Energy, Focus & Money?

What is your most valuable asset? 

YOUR HEALTH!  It is impossible to truely enjoy all of the wonderful things this life has to offer with out health.  Think about it, what does all the money in the world do for you if you get sick, can’t travel, can’t walk or worse can’t remember who you are.  Can you enjoy your family, your work, your hobbies without your health? NO! 

Anthing of value is worth protecting and promoting.  It isn’t good enough to have health insurance because that is only valuable in emergency situations once your health has already deteriorated.  How long would your car last if you relied only on your auto insurance for the health of your car and never serviced your car? 

Anything you wish to have more of or get better at requires coaching.  Think about it, there are coaches for everything of importance; relationships = counsilors, money = finacial advisors, sports = athletic coaches, faith = spiritual guides…and the list goes on!  So, if our health really is that important, why doesn’t everyone have a health coach?  We’ll I believe it is because our amazing body adapts to most any stressful thing we force it to (for a while), and because our cultural beliefs dictate that you shouldn’t go to the doctor unless you are sick.  That result is a nation of coachless sick people judging their health by how they FEEL.  How Dangerous!, How Inaccurate! 

This is where that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality has gotten us:  The World Health Organization ranked the health of the United States at 37th out of 40 of the world’s develped nations. That being said, you should also know that the US spends more $$$$$$$$ than any other country in the world on health care (really sick care), and takes over 50% of the world’s pharmeceuticals!!  (WE ONLY ACCOUNT FOR 4% OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION!!)  SAY WOW! 

Obviously our waiting until we “feel” sick mentality is not working.  Is it easier to accumulate wealth when you are broke or while you still have some working capital?  There is a HUGE difference between Health Promotion, Health Prevention and the Treatment of Symptioms.  Just like there is a HUGE difference between the Promotion of Wealth, the Prevention of Poverty & the Treatment of Poverty.

Promote, Prevent or Treat? Where do you spend your resources.

This concept is so important I used the same image here from the American Journal of Medicine TWICE.  This graphic says that although 70% of all deaths come from behaviors = lifestyle choices (how you eat, move and think), we still spend close to 98% on treating the symptoms of those poor or misguided lifestyle choices rather than addressing the cause!!!!!!!! 

This is why people need Health Coaches!  A Health Coach is someone who will not only teach you how to be healthier, but also teach you the why behind your lifestyle choices and help hold you accountable.  A coach is someone who keeps you on track, inspires you, pushes you and cares about YOU!  Our modern world is a TOUGH world to navigate let alone get or stay healthy in, which is why EVERYONE NEEDS A HEALTH COACH. 

Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioners are perfectly positioned for this role because we have spent thousands and thousands of hours learning how to teach and inspire HEALTH,  which is TRUE HEALTH CARE!  Our job is not to mearly treat symptoms (SICK CARE) but to educate, inspire and demonstrate what health is and help you and your family journey towards it.

Now go get coached 4 life,

Your Health Coach and Buddy,

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP

I’m back people!  I apologize for being MIA, but this question was too good not to answer asap!  This one goes out to Phil and his fire buddies in Klamath Falls, Oregon I hope this helps bud. 

That was long, but it definitely sums it up, and if you fell asleep or missed any of it, I’ll recap:  Eat natural things from the earth, un-corrupted by man, things that your genetics understand, things you could hunt and/or gather from mother earth.  Eat veggies, meat, fruit, nuts and seeds.  Focus on adding in the good stuff and worry about eliminating the bad later.   Good luck.

Your Health Coach (and health buddy)

Dr. Nick Araza DC CCWP



Of course it is not that simple nowadays, but if you think about it during the course of human history, it was only until recently that not all food was organic and very very local.  Picture that, all food local and organic! Just imagine fresh, ripe strawberries, apples and broccoli, all ready for the picking and grown by the hand of Mother Nature without any pesticides, herbicides or toxic petroleum-based fertilizers.  You’d think that having food a food supply completely separate from fossile fuels isn’t too much to ask, right?!

Keep the chemicles and white suits in the lab, not on my food.

How is this ok?!

Today we have a lot more to think about on top of cost when making food purchases.  If you are at all concerned with these things as I am, I don’t have to tell you that while it’s definitely the healthiest option, buying organic can be financially painful.  This is especially true if you are eating HGS (Hunter Gatherer Style) and sucking fruits and veggies down by the truckload.  So, this week my post is here to help with your decisions on when to buy organic.

First I want everyone to understand that LOCAL AND ORGANIC IS THE BEST for our health.  Local is the absolute best, and is crucial when available because plants’ infuse many of the nutrients into your foods during the last few days of vine ripening.  So, if it is picked weeks before ripening (in order to ship it 12,000 miles to get to you), it will not contain the same amounts of life-giving nutrients.  Ripening post picking would be better termed “rotting.”  If you happen to be one of the lucky (and I would guess less than 1% of us are) Americans who know the farmers that you buy from, ask them their farming methods, because often they actually are organic, but haven’t paid the government for the label.  When you have a relationship with the people who grow the food you eat, and that food is local, fresh and healthy, labels are not necessarily that important.  Plus, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to know exactly how and where your food came from.

Warm fuzzies ;-p

Outside of buying locally, you want to focus your efforts on buying organic produce especially if it is found in the DIRTY DOZEN.  This is a list that EWG (Environmental Working Group) www.ewg.org (an awesome organization) came up with after doing much research.  They found that some fruits and veggies when industrially grown are heavily dosed with any number of toxic chemicals in order to get them from ground to shopper using industrial farming methods, and those are the ones you want to avoid if not grown organically.  They also found that other types of produce grow just fine without pesticides, so they aren’t absolutely an organic necessity.  For an awesome wallet/purse sized cut out describing each the Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 click here.

Personally, I can never remember the difference, so I printed this picture out and it goes everywhere that I go, stashed in my wallet, because I never know when it will be time to gather. 

The best is again to by local, so below are two awesome websites that will help you in your health cause.  Best of luck.




Your Health Buddy

Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP



















No Matter What You Believe,

Your Living Body IS a MIRACLE.


Sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we are misled.

Sometimes we think that our body is not brilliant, magnificent or miraculous.

We can all easily get caught up in pain/discomfort and forget or even question this.

But if your really stop and think how truly amazing YOUR BODY is, you will be amazed at how everything works so well.  I mean, think about it – you pump 2,000 gallons of blood through your body every single day and don’t think about a drop.  You breath 20,000 times every day and do not think about it once.  We all go through amazing changes in our bodies from birth to adult, everyone goes through puberty at roughly the same time, and all of this happens with out any oversight, no meds, nothing – it just happens.  And we don’t question it.  Our bodies are so smart that even slightly before we start exercising, our blood pressure goes up; and if we get a cut on our finger, it heals.  HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!  On a normal day, you don’t think about even 1 of the trillions of chemical reactions that take place in your body every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day of every single year of every single life time… Just stop and think about that and how incredible your body and this life is.

You see, you are intelligent, you are amazing, you carry inside of you an intelligence that runs your body and all of those trillions of reactions discussed above.  Chiropractors call this intelligence “Innate Intelligence.”  It is what separates the living from the dead even though all the same parts are there…It is Innate because it is inborn – you don’t have to learn how to use it, it was there from the second the sperm and egg met that miraculously created you, and actually even before that (somehow, the sperm knew to go toward the egg).  That intelligence is carried through your nervous system, which in coordination with your endocrine system is the master regulator/communicator in your body.  Your brain, spinal cord, nerve roots and peripheral nerves make up your nervous system, and that is the big cheese, the CEO, the General, el Jefe.  All information about what is happening in the body is sent to the brain through the spinal cord, and that information is used to properly run your body.

The central nerve system is the ONLY organ system in your body to be entirely encased in BONE.

The purpose of your spine and skull areis to support and protect your nervous system, while giving shape to your body.  A solid tube of bone would have been the safest way to protect our nerve system, but that wouldn’t have been conducive to movement or life, so we have joints.  Made of much softer tissue, these joints are the inherently the weak spots in the skeletal system.  So, if a spinal bone gets jarred from its healthy position (through acute or sustained postural trauma), it causes damage to the joints of the spine.  Damage to these joints irritates the nerve system, decreasing your body’s ability to communicate within or to itself, which blocks or disrupts Innate Intelligence.  Chiropractic is so simple, it is brilliant.  Chiropractic understands that the body is brilliant, and works with it through specific chiropractic adjustments on specifically damaged joints to return proper function to the spine, as well as to remove the irritation to the nervous system, unblocking your body’s life force.

This is why chiropractors do not claim to treat any specific disease, but get tremendously amazing results with many.  We restore proper communication to the body, making it healthier, and  HEALTHY BODIES DO NOT HAVE SYMPTOMS.  Symptoms are signals telling us that there is something wrong that needs our attention.  Not alarms to be turned off with medications that dampen alarms.  You get hungry and thirsty because you are getting low on fuel and water that is essential to run your body.  What if there was a medication you could take when you felt hungry or thirsty, so you wouldn’t have to be bothered with eating or drinking?  How long do you think that would work for?  It is the same thing with other symptoms!  A headache, sciatic pain, breathing problems, poor digestion,etc., are not just bothersome symptoms that need to be quieted with medication – they are telling you that something is wrong and needs to be dealt with by finding the cause, not just eliminating the symptom.

The body is amazing and I have always been fascinated with it, which is why I began studying it 12 years ago.  I have been led down a path to chiropractic by asking this question:  “How can I make my body as healthy as possible?”  I was open-minded the whole time, and have found out a few times that what I had learned was wrong.  As of now, through much trial and error, I understand that everyone must have a chiropractor on their health team, just as I understand everyone requires good, natural, from-the-earth foods, plenty of exercise and positive self talk and gratitude with a support group or tribe.  This is what I do for myself, and it is what I recommend to my family, friends and patients – because this is what all of the research points to when I ask “How to be the healthiest person?”  This may change, but for now this is my best recommendation as a health coach.

I hope you get your spine checked soon.


Dr. Nicholas Araza DC CCWP