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Moving On…

Hello friends and loyal subscribers!  Alas, your health buddy’s time has come….he’s moving on to bigger and better things that is!!  I am now posting WEEKLY at our new website’s blog  Please check it out and please subscribe.  It will be the same great health promoting content along with words of inspiration and laughter from my beautiful and wonderful fiancee each and every week!  Check it out TODAY (awesome new post about building momentum).  And don’t worry I’ll always be your health buddy and coach!


Dr. Nick

My Father.

My Hero

I have only been on this planet for 29 years, and I have not yet created a family of my own, but from what I understand, there aren’t many things in this world more difficult, more selfless or more intensely demanding than raising a family.  Plenty of people have families, and great ones at that, but to do it well, to raise kids and to have a relationship with them where they can trust you, be honest with you, have fun with you, while also look to you for discipline, guidance, leadership and love seems to be the trickiest juggling act I can imagine.  Not to mention do the same thing with a member of the opposite sex as well as have a job/run a business to support not only yourself but these people who are, as I can only imagine, extremely expensive and often self centered.  Not to mention to always be there for them no matter what they are going through even if you do or don’t agree, but to always offer unconditional love and suppport.  That is a DAD. That is my dad. I know that if I can be even close to as good of a father as my Dad was to me, I will have succeeded in my life.

For those of you who are lucky enought to know him, know that he has been and always will be a pillar of strength in my life, one I lean on often when times are good for challenging mental debate and plenty of laughs, and for support and advice when I struggle.  He is always there and I feel comfort in knowing that although we haven’t lived in the same state for about 10 years, he is always with me and only a phone call away.

Truely though, I live much of my life by many of the codes my father taught me.  “Jackerisms” as I have coined for him. the advice and keys to life come often and often come on repete ;-p So often in fact that I was surprised to hear that repitition was the Mother of all learning?  Because dad could fill in in a heartbeat.

Just kidding dad, it’s your repetiive nature that has really helped stick your gold nuggets inside my dome for a life infanitely better off. 

So, Dad, to give tribute to you on this Father’s day, I give the world (my blog readers) some insight into the pure nuggets of gold wisdom that you have gathered and given to me and Andrew, which has helped shap our lives and decisions….and not to toot your horn too much, but you raised some pretty amazing sons ;-p

Araza Men

I love you Dad!

Here goes: Words of Wisdom from Jack Araza:

“Don’t make your problems my problems.”  This is beautiful, have you ever noticed how oftem people what to make there problems your problems, so if you follow this and everybody else does, we only have to deal with our own problmes, and that is more than enough. 

“Risk vs Reward” Probably the most influential peice of advice I have ever heard from anybody.  LIfe is full of risks and rewards, evaluate everything based on the amount of relative risk vs the amount of relative reward and go from there.  Always strive for lowest risk value to highest reward value.

“Trust but Verify” – Can mean different things for different people, but I always use this in the beginning of a relationship, whether friend, romantic, work..etc it allows some guard rails in the real world.

“Always Decrease the # of Transactions.”  Do this and your life will get tremendously easier.  If you tell someone you will be somewhere at 8, just be there, don’t call when you get in the car, and when you are almost there, and have them text you when they are there…etc, simplify and let your stress drift away.

Meet them where they live” Understanding where people come from will help you tremendously in dealing with them.  It will save you time and frustration.  These words go hand in hand with…

Some people can’t leave the neighborhood.”  Meaning where people come from can often be who they are no matter what their current position in life.  Mike Tyson may be a good example  of this.

Code Talking” This describes understanding than many people say stuff for other stuff.

and lastly but not leastly

there’s the story, and then there’s the rest of the story” – You often need both to understand everything, and especially in politics the rest of the story can be left out.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love and appreciate you!

Your son,