One of my major focuses for this blog is to educate my loved ones so that they can add simple things into their life to decrease stress.  Stress is what causes 75% of all deaths in this country. SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT!!!  Think about that!  That is 3 out of 4 of us!  This is because stress is what is responsible for lifestyle diseases.  Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, emphazema…etc are caused by stress in the form of toxicity or deficiency.  Not getting the required nutrients (fruit, veggies, meat, nuts, movement, oxygen..etc) to express health is a stress that results in adaptive physiology and eventual pathology (see diseases above).  It is also a stress when you are exposed to or take in toxic substances (fried foods, grains, sweets, pesticides, alcohol, pharmaceuticals…etc), which results in the same end.

We live in an incongruent world, meaning our genes were designed/evolved for a different world.  A world in which we spent our time hunting and gathering, playing and moving constantly and eating only the freshest foods in a supportive community.    That being said, the world we live in is no longer like that.  So, in order to give us the absolute best shot at being healthy, we must do as many things as possible each day to reduce the stress we experience from living in an incongruent world.

Thus, here is an easy stress reducing activity that you can add into your daily if not hourly health promoting repertoire:  Diaphragmatic (Deep) Breathing.